Song doctor

Let's make your song awesomer.
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A simple change or two could make your song much catchier - without changing your intention. An extra chord before the chorus, a couple of fresh notes in the verse - often that’s all it takes.

How do I do it? Sure, I’ve got a doctorate in music, but the key is my years of experience playing, creating, and thinking deeply about music of many styles. I recorded with bands like Cake and Wheatus. I’ve written hip-hop beats and musicals. I’ve spent hours taking music apart to see what makes it tick.

But I’ve also learned to be humble about what I know and don’t know. You’re the artist here. My goal isn’t to change your art or your musical style, but to work within what you have to make it stronger, tighter, catchier.

I’ll work with any musical style that has melodies and chords. For example:

  • rawk
  • indie rawk
  • innumerable rock subgenres
  • pop pop
  • R&B
  • hip-hop
  • theater
  • dance
  • jazz

For samples of my thinking about how to write catchy songs and improve others, check out:

You can also hear a sampling of my own music here.

But you shouldn’t think I’ll make your music sound like mine. My goal is to suggest minimal changes that make your song more effective while keeping and even enhancing its unique character.

I don’t want any money up front - just a 1% songwriting credit. I promise I’ll increase your royalties more than 1%! (If you’d prefer to keep 100% of your publishing, let’s talk.)