How I was Radicalized

How I Was Radicalized, also known as 1999, is sleeping… but not for long.

A rock musical (is there any other kind?) about young activists driving across the country to a rally in Washington, D.C.. It’s the kind of long, arduous trip that can transform people, like Ella, the daughter of a CEO, Zack, the working-class guy in his 30s who decides to get on the bus just one more time, and Mick Mucus, the charismatic and dangerous one. The show included bookwriters Andrea Lepcio and Les Hunter. It was workshopped at Millikin University and at Theatre 167. Many memorable scenes were created and wonderful songs were sung, but ultimately it didn’t seem satisfying on stage.

Doesn’t our world need this show now? I can’t wait for the chance to try this one again. Maybe it should return to its original A Chorus Line-like concept, with as little story as possible, and just showing how an idealist can break from society to fight for what they believe in.